the dairy aisle

we experience moments where a train of thoughts takes us away from one station and lets us off at another station miles away with nothing but a tattered notebook and some band aids

gutted at the end of the line, we come face to face with our foolishness

haloumi days details a couple of these moments experienced by an insignificant cheese lover as they go about their average life

Recent haloumi days:

  • god/me

    November 21, 2019 by

    Mamma Maria and the God my mother talks to – please, let me feel this life she gave me. She tells me you let me live, you give me purpose, but who the fuck are you? See, you and I are like the waves and the beach – you come and wash over me. I was floating, suspended, back in the fluid of the womb.… Read more Continue reading god/me

  • She was good to me.

    October 27, 2019 by

    I opened a pack of Jim-Jams at 1:27 in the morning only to remember you. You, short, long-haired and big eyed – so toned with years of swimming. You pinned up my white pinafore when bright, red drops stained it with the passion of an artist. You spoke for nearly an hour about your little puppy that grew to be a big boy. I have… Read more Continue reading She was good to me.

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